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Introducing Technical Intern Trainees and employee to Japanese Organizations日本企業へ技能実習生、技術者を紹介

Young and talented personals, from Sri Lanka, are introduced to the companies in Japan as technical intern trainees under the government supported Technical Intern Training Program.


What is Technical Intern Training Program?

Go to:  https://www.jitco.or.jp/english/overview/itp/index.html d



Introducing foreign students to Japanese schools and universities


Young, talented students from Sri Lanka are introduced to Japanese educational institutions, located within Hiroshima City, for their higher studies. If you have enough qualifications, we will aid you by introducing you to the applicable institutions, filling documents,
finding your Japanese guarantors, finding boarding houses and part-time work. Also, we give you a good guidance and care throughout your stay in Japan.

Contact :Contact us directly 0770 565775 or through email  jlines@jlines.org (Skype Call is also available).

Educational Qualifications:

   The applicant should have faced G.C.E. (A/L)

Other Qualifications :
    Applicant should have a strong economic background to bare school fees and other living expenses.

    Applicant should have a good character and should not have criminal records in past.

+81(90) 36348876 (Japan)

Translation and Interpreting affairs. (Japanese/ English/ Sinhala)

翻訳と通訳(日本語/ 英語/ シンハラ語)

Translating Services are available in Japanese, English and Sinhala. We have professional translators who will be always available to contact you through Skype, emails or direct calls. Original documents or printed copies will be sent by post while soft copies via email.


International Seminar, Event Planning and Coordinating (Japan/ Sri Lanka)




Act as an Intermediator in all purchasing, retail business and export-import trade between Japan and Sri Lanka.

We have a well-structured international network to support you at buying and selling on the market in Japan or Sri Lanka. We will provide you the finest information about the goods that you are going to buy and we will make the necessary arrangements to deliver the items right to your doorstep. We will find you the best customer to sell your goods. Also, we will help you to communicate with your customer in language difficulties.

日本とスリランカの間の売買活動, 輸入・輸出事業での仲介事業。


Language or the distance is no more a barrier for you to conduct an event at international scenario. We support you to make your event more impressive at any stage of your program in planning, reserving rooms catering media facilities, arranging foods and beverages, advertising and translating documents.


企画、会場予約、メディアサポート、宣伝 通訳・翻訳

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